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So, who wins?

Revelation 17 So, who wins? It is a question we all want answered, and usually before the game/battle/war/conflict has begun; who will win? Some will back the underdog; most want to be on the winner's side, especially when the outcome is going to be personally affecting you. Revelation 17, like most of Revelation, is difficult to understand. An angel tries to give Jo...

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An Inevitable Victory

Revelation 12 Today we get a glimpse of the grand drama of heaven, a drama in which we have more than a bit part. There is a great conflict between God and our adversary, here personified in a dragon with seven heads and ten horns. How are we to understand this imagery? Are we to relate it to things on earth to try to connect the dots? Yes and no. We should understand a...

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Eternal Realities

Revelation 8 When was the last time you were so excited you couldn't breathe or so overwhelmed with anticipation you couldn't move? This is what the opening of chapter 8 in the book of Revelation looks like. The Lamb (Jesus) breaks the seventh seal on the scroll and immediately there is silence in Heaven. For me this is really hard to wrap my head around because I envis...

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Revelation 7 Revelation 7 starts with an uneasy peace as an angel appears with the seventh seal, which is about to be opened and read in chapter 8. The first 6 seals were opened and read by the Lamb in chapter 6, and there was a great deal of noise and activity taking place as the 4 living creatures called out the 4 horse riders. The angel calls on the 4 riders to hold...

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What to say... but "Wow!"

Revelation of John 4 "What does it all mean?" For much of what is in Rev. 4, I don't have answers. It seems like John is stretching language to its very limits trying to convey something we have no context for understanding. But even if we fail to fully grasp what he is trying to describe for us, one thing comes across with crystal clarity: God, on His throne, is awe-...

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Letters to Overcomers

Revelation 2 The letters to the four churches recorded in Revelation 2 have all the characteristics of Jesus woven through them. First, we see the fact that they are known. He says, "I know" - your deeds, your labor, your perseverance. He knows where you dwell, your trials, your poverty, the opposition you face. He knows your steadfastness, your love, your faith and you...

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