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An Inevitable Victory

Revelation 12 Today we get a glimpse of the grand drama of heaven, a drama in which we have more than a bit part. There is a great conflict between God and our adversary, here personified in a dragon with seven heads and ten horns. How are we to understand this imagery? Are we to relate it to things on earth to try to connect the dots? Yes and no. We should understand a...

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Honor in the Church Family

1 Timothy 5 In this passage, the Holy Spirit teaches us through Pal about the roles and relationships that are good and proper in the church. These are things we should have learned growing up, but many of us missed the lesson, or weren't taught properly, or just drift from what we know is right. So, once again, God's Word provides the standard by which we can measure ...

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Acts 19

Acts 19 As I've read through Acts approaching the 19th chapter, we've had great discussions in my small group, my discipleship group and at home regarding the adversaries and obstacles that Paul, Peter, Philip, Stephen and others faced as they sought to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth. One real obstacle were the bands of Jewish "groupies" who seemed to show ...

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Paul's Conversion

Acts 9 In Acts 9, Luke relates the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in Saul's life. Saul was renamed Paul to reflect the radical turn his life took from being a passionate persecutor of Christ's followers to being a passionate follower of Christ himself. Not only did he "sell out" everything (in the Philippian letter, he says, "I count everything as loss in view of the s...

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Lord We Need You

Mark 10 Jesus continues to speak with authority to the real issues of the day in Mark 10. Whether it is the heart issues that surround marriage and divorce, the value of each child to their Heavenly Father, the pride that comes from making our own way, making our own righteousness, or striving for position, Jesus nails it with truth and the ability to see within our heart...

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