“We Never Saw Anything Like This”


through the new testament mark

Mark 2:1-28

It has often been lamented that, "familiarity breeds contempt." But, I think more often, it simply breeds indifference.

It's kind of like this. Every now and then I imagine how awesome it would be to live somewhere really beautiful (California, Colorado, Maine, Hawaii), where I could wake up ever day to stunning scenery that would take my breath away. But, I bet there are some who have lived in those locations their whole lives who often find themselves unimpressed with the view and indifferent to the beauty.

As we read the Gospel of Mark, most of us find ourselves in very familiar territory. We know these stories. We’ve read them over and over, seen them acted out on flannelgraph boards or in one of the many life of Jesus movies and probably heard numerous of sermons on these texts. As a result, like the guy who was born and raised in Camden, Maine who wakes up in the morning, looks out his window at the ocean and doesn’t shout, "Woo-Hoo," we too can read these stories and somehow not be amazed.

  • Mark 1:22 – They were astonished at His teaching.
  • Mark 1:27 – They were amazed at His authority.
  • Mark 2:12 – They were amazed at His power and declare, "We never saw anything like this!"

Question: Are you amazed?

In Mark chapters 1 & 2, Jesus in confronting actual demons, performing actual miracles and He (Holy-Holy-Holy Jesus) is eating dinner with actual sinners (like me).

Father, open my eyes. I want to see Jesus and be blown away by these stories I have read so often and know so well.

In Mark chapter 2, Jesus actually "sees" people faith, actually forgives their sins, proclaims Himself Lord of the Sabbath and tells us that He is the Bridegroom (Isaiah 62:5; Hosea 2:19–20).

Father, I need a physician. I am sick. I am a sinner. I am blind. Open my eyes that I may really see your Son. Awaken in me an amazement for who He is.

We are three days into our adventure through the New Testament. Many of us are starting back to work, getting ready for school and the busyness of life is about to crank up a notch. Don’t give up! You may start thinking, “I’m too busy,” or “I know this stuff,” or “I’m not really getting anything out of it.”

Oh what consumers we have become! Often, my complaint (“I’m not really getting anything out of it.”) means that I didn’t get anything “new” out of it or learn something I didn’t already know or discover anything mind-blowing or find something that was either really encouraging or especially challenging.

Let me encourage you to have 266 very average quiet times this year as we read the Scriptures Monday through Friday – 266 readings that, taken together, can and will revolutionize your life.  Finally, as we enter the weekend, use the time to look over what you have read, review your notes and ask God to open your eyes.  

Bobby Pruitt BOBBY PRUITT  |  Lead Pastor

Bobby was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. He is the youngest of 13 children and was the first believer in his family. He graduated from Columbia Bible College and served in churches in South and North Carolina before coming to Texas in 1994. Bobby and Amy have been married since November of 1990 and have 3 children (Riley, Beau, and Emma Grace).


I'm praying today that regardless of feelings and my level of desire, I would establish and maintain this discipline to seek Him early and find Him every day, even and especially when my senses are dulled. This is warfare, and it's taking place all around us. But the most vulnerable battleground is our mind... Determination and resolve being the variant... Lord, meet us in our thoughts as we contemplate catching a few more hours of sleep... By Your grace may we not choose to sleep during through the height of the battle.

I had gotten a day behind so I am really glad that we have saturday and sunday to catch up. With that being said, I know it is wrong. I am amazed at Gods love, I am not sure I could allow my child to be sacrificed for others redemption and Jesus obediance to His Father. Knowing how the story ends for Christ I want to shout into the past "You are so prideful. Do you not see Who stands before you?" and then what did I do, I put my work or my sleep or what ever before my spending time with my God. I have to say to myself,"You are so prideful. Do you not see what God has done for you?" It is not that I fell a day behind, it is the reasons I gave to myself to make it okay. Like The Pharisees, I got caught up in the minutia of life, the rules of what is expected, and took my eyes off of God and what He really wants for me. I pray that as we read this year, much of it new to me as I have never read the whole Bible, that it would come alive for me and for others.

I wish I could say that your observations were way off and that I couldn't relate at all. But I too have found myself reading through the scriptures as if it was just another story that I have heard before. How tragic that is! Oh that we would be desperate for Him the way the people were that we're reading about. They would do anything to be near him. I pray that as we read through His word together, He would break the bondage of complacency in our lives. I pray that we would understand our depravity and we would desperately seek the physician to transform us for His glory.

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