Revelation 7

Revelation 7 starts with an uneasy peace as an angel appears with the seventh seal, which is about to be opened and read in chapter 8. The first 6 seals were opened and read by the Lamb in chapter 6, and there was a great deal of noise and activity taking place as the 4 living creatures called out the 4 horse riders.

The angel calls on the 4 riders to hold back from their devastating tasks while the 144,000 are sealed on their foreheads. Then a huge crowd "from every nation, tribe, people and language" appear. They have been through the great tribulation, and have washed their robes in the Lamb's blood (received salvation). Now they are rewarded by being able to serve God, and be in His care. Never again to hunger or thirst, but to be given protection, life, and healing by the Lamb.

This should be a great encouragement to us. We will go through hardships. We should actually be concerned if we do not, as it probably means we are not living fully for Him. But we are assured of our salvation if we trust in Him (washing our robes in His blood), and a great and lasting peace and healing when we are with Him in heaven.

The momentary peace is about to be smashed in chapter 8, but we get a glimpse of peace and security in chapter 7 - Praise God!

Prayer - Lord help me to be patient through affliction. Let my eyes be set upon You, and Your work for a season, so that I can join the multitude in singing: "Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!"

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 8.26.10 AM Rob Gibson | Elder

Rob and his wonderful wife Helen were born in England, married in 1987. They moved to the USA in 1996, where they have lived since in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. They have 6 lovely children, Sarah, Claire, Nic, Laura, Jacqueline and Victoria, all of whom were homeschooled. Rob gave his life to the Lord in 1987, at the same time that Helen rededicated herself. Rob has been on a number of mission trips to Costa Rica, has led vacation Bible schools, soccer ministry, small groups, children’s and youth ministry, acted as lead program manager during the Hutto church plant, and is currently Chairman of the board of Directors at Camp Wilderness Ridge. Rob works at the Sears Call Center as Director of the Technical Solutions Group. Helen is an experienced homeschool mom, and is involved in children’s and small group ministry.

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