Have you ever wondered how all the little pieces of the Bible fit together to form one comprehensive story - one big picture? Perhaps you lack confidence in sharing your faith and want to get more familiar with Scripture, or you may have questions about how the Bible relates to your life today.

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Whatever your previous experience or knowledge of the Bible, this series is for you. We look forward to exploring with you the most fascinating and significant book ever written!


 Week 1  The Bible PDF Audio  
 Week 2  The Beginning  PDF Audio  
 Week 3  The Exodus  PDF Audio  
 Week 4  The Conquest & The Judges PDF Audio  
 Week 5  The Kingdom  PDF  Audio  
Week 6   Poetical      
 Week 7  The Exile & the Return      
 Week 8  Prophetical      
 Week 9  The Silence      
 Week 10  The Gospel      
 Week 11 The Church       
 Week 12  The Mission      
 Week 13  Eternity