Discussion Questions - Week 11

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Unfolding Grace – Week 11

The Idolatry of Israel and the Heart of God (Exodus 32-34)

Read pages 139-149 in Unfolding Grace this week.

  1. What or whom do your unbelieving friends worship? Are any

    of those things a temptation for you?

  2. Why do people prefer to worship things and people rather than God? What are the stated and unstated demands of each? What does each promise and deliver?

  3. How does human pride interfere with obedience to God? Why do we resist worshiping God on His terms?

  4. What would you rather have, God’s blessings without His presence, or God’s presence without His blessings? How is your stated preference reflected in your prayers and in the choices you make in life?

  5. How would you present the gospel to someone with an emphasis on the presence of God, rather than on the avoidance of hell and the obtaining of blessings?

  6. Where do you perceive the glory of God? Which best expresses His glory to you: nature, architecture, art, music, poetry, or something else?

  7. How would you explain to children in Sunday School that God is gracious, patient, forgiving, and just?

  8. How was God’s patience and grace expressed to Israel in these chapters? How has God’s patience been shown in your life?

  9. From Sunday’s sermon, what did you find either most encouraging or most challenging?