Discussion Questions - Week 7

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Unfolding Grace – Week 7

Israel’s Oppression and Moses’ Call (Exodus 1-3)


Read pages 89-96 in Unfolding Grace this week.


  1. What does Exodus 1-3 reveal about God’s heart and character?


  1. For those Israelites who were holding onto the promises that God would bless them and give them the land of Canaan, how did their current circumstances seem to call that promise into question?


  1. Read Exodus 2:23–25. There is no indication that the people of Israel had any awareness of God’s response to their suffering. What are the implications of this for us when we think that God has forgotten us or does not hear our cries or care about our suffering?


  1. Why did God use so many shepherds? What are the skills and virtues of a competent shepherd that are also valuable in a leader of people? Which of your skills might God be able to use?


  1. Moses asked, “Who am I?” God replied, “I will certainly be with you” ( 3:11-12). How does this exchange encourage you to tackle any task God gives you?


  1. What does “I AM” express about the nature of God? How is that encouraging to those He sends on mission?


  1. What was the ultimate purpose of God’s deliverance of Israel from bondage (Exodus 3:12)? What is the ultimate purpose of our deliverance (Ephesians 1:3-12)?


  1. From Sunday’s sermon, what did you find either most encouraging or most challenging?