Discussion Questions - Week 9

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Unfolding Grace – Week 9


God’s Deliverance of Israel (Exodus 12-15)


Read pages 113-125 in Unfolding Grace this week.


  1. God spends a lot of time describing the plight of the children of Israel when conversing with Moses, and pointing out that He is paying attention to it. Why does this matter? What does it tell us about God? What seems to be Moses’ response?


  1. Looking back, when was God teaching you the most on your life’s journey? At the time, did it seem like you were being delayed? How can Moses’ experience help you as you face more delays?


  1. The Passover lamb has many similarities to Jesus. List as many as you can think of.


  1. Moses told the children of Israel that they were to keep the Passover feast each year in order to demonstrate to their children what God had done for them. In what ways are you demonstrating your love for God and what He did for you so that it is evident to those around you?


  1. What did Paul mean when he exhorts the Corinthian church to “discern the body” (1Cor 11:29) before taking the Lord’s Supper?


  1. Pastor Michael spoke of “connecting the dots” between the Passover feast and Jesus. What are some of the ways to connect the two described in the sermon?


  1. From Sunday’s sermon, what did you find either most encouraging or most challenging?