reLAUNCH Luncheon | October 11th


It’s an exciting time at Hutto Bible Church!

If you’ve been at church the last two Sundays, you’ve heard about our upcoming reLAUNCH Luncheon coming up October 11th. When our church was first launched back in 2007, we met at Hutto Middle School. Since moving into our current facility in 2011, we have virtually doubled in size. While this has drastically increased our influence for the gospel in Hutto, over the last two years our facilities have become an obstacle to continuing to reach our community.

For us to continue to impact our community, we need to remove any obstacles to future growth.

  • Our children’s ministry classes are busting at the seems. Some of our classes have twice as many students as are recommended for a class of their size.
  • Our middle school and high school students moved into the youth building two years ago. In just the last two years, our Sunday morning middle and high school classes have doubled in size! Our high school class alone averages 45 to 50 students each Sunday in a room that is under 1,000 sq/ft.
  • Our Latino Ministry currently has to meet at 1:30 on Sunday afternoons. The time where most of us are taking a nap, watching football, or doing yard work they’re attending church.
  • Lastly, our first hour worship service is running at near capacity. The last two Sundays there has literally only been one row in the entire room where a family could sit together by the time the sermon has begun.


A year ago we did our LAUNCH campaign. Through your generous donations, we’ve already been able to move from leasing to purchasing our building, our land and begin improvements by paving our parking lot. This has also allowed us to pour thousands of dollars directly back into ministry this year.

Now it’s time to move into our final phase of the LAUNCH Campaign: building a new worship center!

Over the next year, we will be constructing new worship facilities. We’re going to move out of our current worship space, so other ministries can move in. This new building will have additional room for children’s ministry classrooms. Our current building will be reconfigured to provide larger children’s ministry classrooms and a worship space for student and Latino ministries.


On October 11th we will be holding a reLAUNCH Luncheon. This gathering is for three purposes:

1 Celebrate Everything We’ve Already Done! We want to give you specific details about how your generous (over & above) giving has already benefited our church and our community.

2 Update You On What’s Next! We want to give you specific information about what you can expect to happen over the next year, and what you can be praying about.

3 Provide an On-Ramp! If you’re new to Hutto Bible or if your financial situation has changed over the last year, we want to give you an opportunity to both give a one time "first fruits" offering to the LAUNCH Campaign and commit to give monthly to LAUNCH Campaign. Every dollar that we bring in will increase the amount of ministry space we have to serve our community.


The reLAUNCH Luncheon will be IMMEDIATELY after 2nd service. We will provide both free lunch for everyone and free child care for children in 5th grade & under. The meeting will last for about an hour.

  • DATE  October 11th
  • TIME  12:15 PM
  • LOCATION  Hutto Bible Worship Space
  • COST $0
  • WHO  All Hutto Bible members and regular attendees

It’s an exciting time to be at Hutto Bible Church! Please join us as we celebrate the past and LAUNCH into the future!

- Sean Chandler

Associate Pastor