TITUS - Week 2: What Good Order and Good Leadership Looks Like




Week 2: What Good Order and Good Leadership Looks Like



  1. From Sunday’s sermon, what did you find either most encouraging or most challenging?


  1. Why is good order essential to health in a church? Can you think of some examples where good order is not present in the Church (big C) today? Please discuss? Will you pray for Hutto Bible Church to continue to have good order?


  1. Why is good leadership essential to health in a church? According to Scripture, we have excellent leaders at Hutto Bible Church. Would you please pause as a group and pray for the elders and pastors of Hutto Bible Church?


  1. Why is sound doctrine essential to good health in a church? Please give at least five examples of sound doctrine. Please discuss. Will you please pray for the leadership of Hutto Bible Church that they will always adhere to sound doctrine that accords with Scripture?


  1. What should your response be to the Apostle Paul’s “first importance” (the gospel) matters?


  1. Please have members of your group articulate the gospel in front of the group. This exercise is important because of the importance of each member of the group to know and be able to explain what they believe.


  1. Please give and discuss some examples of distortions of the gospel. Why is it important to rebuke those distortions? Please pray for the continued purity of the gospel to be taught and preached at Hutto Bible Church.