TITUS - Week 7: Thick Skin and a Tender Heart


Week 7: Thick Skin and a Tender Heart


  1. What isone significant truth you have learned from our 7-week study through the book of Titus?


Read Titus 3:9-11


  1. Do you have thick skinand a tender heart, neither of the two, or one of them but not the other?


  1. After telling Titus tostress the truth of the gospel (3:8), Paul then told him to avoid other things. What errors did Paul say to avoid? Why is it important to avoid these?


  1. Define and describe adivisive person. How do you determine whether a debate is “foolish”? What are some examples you have encountered in church?


  1. Howseriously do you treat divisiveness?


  1. How do youusually respond to divisive people? Why?


  1. How are wesupposed to deal with divisive people in the church? (See also Matthew 18:15-17, 1 Corinthians 5:11-13)


  1. What does it mean to be“self-condemned”?


  1. How doesconfronting a divisive person benefit that person? How does it benefit the church?


  1. How can you guardagainst becoming a divisive person?


Do you find it easy to get caught up in conversations about controversial topics? What could you do to shift the conversation to the gospel the next time?