Unfolding Grace - Week 17

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Unfolding Grace – Week 17

The Rejection of Saul and Anointing of David (1 Samuel 15-17) 

Read pages 233-246 in Unfolding Grace this week.

1.      Why is it important to “finish strong” in our Christian walk? What are some of the benefits of finishing your “course” well? What areas of your life/walk/course could you strengthen? Are you willing to share those areas with other members of your group?PLEASE PRAY FOR EACH OTHER.

2.      The downfall of Saul was disobedience. David was also disobedient. But their posture before the LORD was different when their sin was revealed. Look at 1 Samuel 15 (Saul) and 2 Samuel 12 (David). How did Saul and David respond when their sin was revealed? How was Saul’s response different than David’s? What lessons can you learn from these two kings in their response to sin? How do you respond to God when sin is present in your life?

3.      How has the shift, after WW1, from the “character ethic” to the “personality ethic” affected and influenced our culture? How has the shift affected the Church? Why do you think the LORD told Samuel He looked on the inside, not the outside, of a person?

4.      Do you sense God calling you? Are you willing to share that calling with the other members of your group? Why do you think it’s important to give God all the glory?PLEASE PRAY FOR EACH OTHER.

5.      How has God trained you? In solitude? Explain. In obscurity? Explain. Through the monotony of repetitive and insignificant tasks? Explain. Over time? Explain. How is He currently training you?

6.      How have you experienced transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit? Are there areas of your life that need further transformation? PLEASE PRAY FOR EACH OTHER.

7.      From Sunday’s sermon, what did you find either most encouraging or most challenging?