Unfolding Grace - Week 38

Unfolding Grace Blog Post_discussion questions

1. From Sunday’s sermon, what did you find either most encouraging or most challenging?


2. From your reading of Ephesians 4-6, what did you find most encouraging, challenging, or confusing?


3. The sermon warned of the dangers of moralism. Please discuss these dangers. Why should our primary focus be on what God has done for us in Christ? How will that focus prevent a moralistic view?

 - Please pray for each other as you focus, with gratitude, on what God has done for us in Christ.


4. Lasting transforamtion typically occurs a step at a time as we learn to walk with Jesus. To "walk" is the primary metaphor Paul uses while describing personal transformation. What has your "walk" with Jesus been like? Please give examples.


5. The goal of personal transformation is maturity in Christ - to be conformed to His image. One of the elements God often uses to bring about spiritual transforamtion is authentic community. Do you bring encouragement and accountability to your group? How has authntic community fueled your transformation?


6. Another element God often uses to bring about spiritual transformation is truth. Are you close enough to anyone - spiritually - that you allow them to speak truth in love into your life for the purpose of spiritual growth? Would you be willing to share how that relationship has aided your "walk" with Christ?


7. What is one next step you can identify, in the spiritual transformation process, that God would have you take? Are you willing to take it?