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New Church Site F.A.Q.s

Hutto Bible Church has been presented with an exciting but unexpected opportunity for growth. We've provided the answers to some frequently asked questions about this proposal.

Potential New Site
Proposed location of the new HBC campus (the light green rectangle).

How much will it cost?
Depending on the final design, size, and décor we are estimating somewhere between $2 and $3.5 million.

What is the expected time-line—when will we be in the new building?
While the exact timeline is dependent on a number of events outside our control, we are hopeful for a Summer/Fall 2019 move-in date.

When will we break ground—when will construction start?
While the exact timeline is dependent on a number of events outside our control, we are hopeful for a Fall 2018 ground breaking and a 6-9 month construction schedule.

Will we stay in our current location until we move into the new building?
Yes. Part of the extended terms of the proposed contract is that we will remain in our current location—rent free—while we build on the new site.

What are the next steps?
Assuming the body votes to proceed we will finalize a formal contract. Once signed, the clock will start on the 90-day requirements for the buyer to acquire the future site and deposit the first of two earnest money payments.

What will the new building look like?
We have no idea... Once a contract is signed, we will begin promoting various teams, led by elders and/or staff, on which members can volunteer to serve and help develop a facility that will meet current and future needs.

How big will the building be—how many square feet?
Again, we don’t know, exactly. We will build a building that balances current needs, future needs, and wise financial stewardship. We are currently in approximately 12,000 sq ft of use space spread across multiple separate buildings. We are expecting somewhere in the area of 15,000-18,000 sq ft in a single space with areas such as hall ways, restrooms, etc. that can serve multiple uses.

Will we have separate buildings for children’s ministry, youth ministry, etc.?
That is not the current plan unless we believe that having separate buildings will help reach more of our neighbors for Christ.

Can we continue to contribute to the Launch/Re-Launch campaign?
Yes; although those campaigns are officially concluded, we have made arrangements to keep those funds open and contributable. In addition, if you have not participated in the past you can now participate if you so desire and we encourage everyone to prayerfully consider doing so.

Could we stay in our current location? What happens if we do not accept the deal?
We could stay, but it would not be pretty. The current construction is only the beginning and we can expect it to increase and continue for at least the next few years. The city does not own the land anymore and our access to additional parking is no longer there. That will significantly impact our ability to conduct ministry effectively. Summerfest, for example, will need to be located somewhere else

What are the deal terms?
$1.5 million cash and 10 acres (with utilities) in exchange for our current location. We will be able to stay in our current location rent free during the building time, equivalent to a $2 million offer. We are exchanging two acres with retrofitted buildings for 10 acres and the opportunity to build with a ministry focus.

Hutto 10 ac location
Layout of future neighborhood, parks, and roads.

How much do we currently owe on our existing property?
As of November 2017, we owe a total approximately $980,000

Once in the new building will we continue with two services and the same service times?
At this time we don’t have any plans to change the Sunday schedules; however, if we find a schedule that is better for reaching folks we will change to it.

1660 is currently a narrow road, what will the traffic patterns look like in a few years when the neighborhoods are completed?
Although we cannot predict the full impact, we do expect the traffic volume on 1660 to increase. With the city planning to build the new high school also on 1660, it is reasonable to expect the city has plans to widen and improve the roadway

How close to the dump will we be?
The property is roughly two miles south of the dump as the crow flies.

Will we have a say in the building design/décor?
We will be putting together small teams tasked with specific duties such as decoration/style, IT, sound, landscaping, etc. Stay tuned to hear of volunteer opportunities.

What are the plans for the remainder of the 10 acres?
Part of our contractual compensation will be the provision of a professional site planner to help us optimize the site for current and future needs including building placement, parking lots, street access points, etc. These professionals will help us determine the best use of the site and placement of facilities

With projected growth rates how long will the new building serve us before needing to build a larger building?
This somewhat depends on how large a facility we end up building; however, it is the intention of the elder board and staff to have the church actively and continually growing. We would love to have the growth “problem” of needing more space – like we do now

What are the immediate needs?
Prayer and Patience

Will we be able to take existing features/accoutrements with us to the new building?
Yes. In fact, the more we take with us, the less the buyer has to remove. We cannot take complete structures (such as the warehouse) but we do intend to take all fixtures, furniture, and as much of the sound system and lights as possible.

Will the new building have a baptistery/steeple/etc.?