This year's theme for Hutto Bible's Annual Women's Retreat is "Love: The Verb  - A study of 1 John"

The definition of love in our culture has become a vague term applied to everything from our favorite foods to our spouses, and is very often wrapped up in our feelings. But, the word love in the Christian context has been very plainly defined for us all throughout scripture by both Jesus and his apostles as an action, not just a feeling. Whether we are reading the words of Jesus himself in the Gospels, Paul’s famous 1 Corinthians 13 passage, or the book of 1 John we can clearly see that love is a verb. Join us as we dive into the book of 1 John and bring to life our theme this year love as a verb.

LOCATION: Camp Eternal 1443 Makinson Road West Point Texas 78963

DATE:  Oct 25-27th
COST: $110 (Includes Lodging & Meals)