We understand that the best thing we can do for kids is to partner with their parents and inspire, resource and encourage them as they influence their kids. We only get the privilege of influencing kids 20-40 hours a year, but parents have more than 3000 hours of influence a year. So, we want to help parents and put great resources in their hands. One such resource is a phone app called Parent Cue.

Every Sunday we teach early childhood and elementary kids using curriculum that helps kids discover and develop their relationship with God. The Parent Cue app, gives parents access to music, videos, activities and other resources that connect to what the kids learned on Sunday. It’s easy, fun and really doesn’t require any preparation or training. Just start the app and go. Parent Cue also uses push notification to “cue” parents with questions and activities throughout the week.

$1.99 gives access to the app that adds fresh content every week. Parents can choose the preschool version or the elementary version. To get both, you’ll pay an additional $1.99 for the other version. There’s plenty of content to keep a parent busy, but if a parent wants even more, they can subscribe to even more content for an additional monthly or yearly fee.  

Click here for the iPhone app.

Click here for the Android app.


Parent Cue F.A.Q.

What if I don’t have a smart phone? Is there something similar to Parent Cue for me?

Yes. Well, mostly yet. Studio 252 is a computer based web experience for both elementary age kids and their parents. Through Studio 252, you’ll get access to everything you get in the Elementary version of Parent Cue and more. The downside? Access to Studio 252 is a little more expensive than Parent Cue and there is not a preschool version of Studio 252. Click here for more information.

Parent Cue doesn’t have very good reviews in either the iPhone App store or the Android Market Place. Why would you recommend an app with such poor reviews?

That’s a great question. First of all, we highly recommend Parent Cue because it is the ONLY app that puts what your kids are learning at church in your hands so you can leverage great content all week long. Secondly, Parent Cue has been out for a little more than a year and has proven to be a great resource. Tens of thousands of satisfied parents have been using the app. However, Parent Cue was recently reprogramed from the bottom up and released 2 weeks ago. This new version included preschool content as well as the elementary content. However, there were quite a few glitches in the first version of the release. Most of the negative reviews you see reference these early glitches. Most of the problems have been fixed and others are being addressed in soon-to-come releases.

How do I purchase additional content? How do I access both the preschool and elementary version of the app on my phone?

This is one of the “glitches” mentioned above. “In app” purchases are not currently working for Parent Cue. This has been fixed and is pending final review. Once the revision has gone through, you should be able to purchase additional elementary content and purchase access to both elementary and preschool. So, until the revision is approved, you may need to pick between preschool or elementary for your phone. Some families who have more than one smart phone are installing the elementary content on one phone and the preschool content on the other as a temporary work-around.