Online Devotions | Psalm 22

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As a way to stay connected with you and help you stay connected with the Word of God, we will be providing short, video devotionals for you that will cover our church-wide bible reading plan. We marvel at God’s sovereignty in preparing in advance for us to read through the book of Psalms together at a time when we desperately need to be reminded of where our hope comes from.


My quiet time has been very Cross centered as well, so focusing just now on Psalm 22 and how clearly it speaks of Jesus was a blessing to my soul
Yesterday I said to God, "Are you not just so mad at me?" He immediately flooded my brain with thoughts of the cross. It was a split-second interaction that affirmed all of God's righteous anger was directed at Jesus during the crucifixion. My fears or mistrust of God's love is my issue, not his. I know this seems weird, but I was/am encouraged. The cross is my singular hope. It is enough.
Thank you Jesus!
Blessed my morning so much! Thank you Bobby!

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