Unfolding Grace - Week 29

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Unfolding Grace – Week 29

Jesus’ Ministry Begins (Mark 1-4)


Read pages 435-447 in Unfolding Grace.


  1. What has been oneof your most significant take-aways from completing your reading of the Old Testament? …from the sermon series thus far?


  1. How is John’s humble messageabout Jesus similar to what we should tell others about Him?


  1. Why do you think God chooses the wildernessas the place to communicate with His children?


  1. What does “repentance” mean? What does “gospel”mean? How are both “good news”


  1. Mark 1:14-15is a sort of summary statement of Mark’s Gospel. Here we see that “the kingdom of God is at hand.” God has done this by bringing history to a climax (“the time is fulfilled”), yet at the same time people are called to respond in a certain way (“repent and believe”). What do we learn of the nature of the kingdom of God here? How does this differ from popular expectations of the Jews at this time?


  1. How should we describe Jesus’ purposesor mission in light of His words and actions in Mark 1-4?


  1. What did Jesusdo during His life to show He was a second Adam, a true Israel, and a perfect King?


  1. In what way is the kingdomof God already here? In what way is it yet to come in the future?


  1. What have you given upsince you responded to Jesus’ call, “Follow Me”?